This article is about zombies from Turn-Undead. For zombies from Graveyard Shift, please see Zombies.

Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Respawning after death
Health One blow, though they respawn after two turns
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Zombies are enemies in the game Turn-Undead.


Zombies have a human-like form possesing a head, body, arms, and possibly legs. Zombies have green coloured skin that covers their face and hands. The head of a zombie is circular and, due to missing scalp, contains an exposed brain that has fine lines and is a pink-ish red colour similar to raw meat.

Located at the back of a zombie's head is the vague outline of an ear while on the face of a zombie is two small red eyes peering out of black rectangular eye sockets. Beneath the eyes of a zombie is its mouth that hangs open, contains the faint outline of teeth present near the upper lip, and green drool occasionally flows from. Zombies wear a garment the is long-sleeved, floor-length, and burgundy with the top of the garment covering the zombie's neck. The arms of zombies are shown hanging loosely forward with the zombie's hands being visible and pointing downwards.

Game information

Zombies first appear in level five of Turn-Undead. Zombies function like a typical enemy moving one space as the player does, harming the player upon contact or acting as a platform if the player jumps on top of them, and dying upon making contact with a stake. The unique ability of a zombie is that, after being shot by a stake, a zombie will respawn in two turns in the exact spot where they were killed and being to move on the fourth turn. Because of this, zombies are easier to use as platform in specific places as the player simply need to shoot a zombie and jump on top of them on two turns later.


  • Zombies are the only enemy in Turn-Undead that cannot be killed completely.

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