This article is about zombies from Graveyard Shift. For zombies from other games, please see Zombies.

Zombies are enemies in the game Graveyard Shift.


Zombies have a human-like form with their skinny bodies covered in skin of a dull shade of green. The arms of some zombies are stubby and jagged at the end while others have hands with both extending their arms out to their sides. Zombies have white pupil-less eyes with a small nose and open mouth. The head of zombies have two distinct variations with the first having a circle shaped head with pointed ears, one eye being larger than the other, several small white teeth, its tongue being of a burgundy colour and hanging out, and the top of its head ripped open to expose is tan coloured brain.

The second variation has a mover oval shaped head with a square chin, one eye squinting, the mouth open with only one tooth visible, rounded ears, a large forehead, and string-like brown hair appearing in single strand around the top of its head. Zombies will either wear purple overalls or purple shorts with a dull burgundy coloured shirt that is opened at the front with one arm having a long sleeve and the other lacking it.

Game information

Zombies are the first enemies encountered in Graveyard Shift and first appear on level 1. Zombies generally come up out of the ground in groups, walk a short distance, and remain stationary before firing a slime ball. Some zombies may walk a longer distance than others or immediately fire a single slime ball or several upon rising out of the ground; however, some are unable to do so due to lack of a head.

To kill a zombie, the player must shoot it in the chest, as shooting a zombie in the head will only stop it from sending out slime balls. If the zombie is shot in the chest, the player will gain 100 points but if the head is shot first and the chest after, the player will get 100 points for each shot. Zombies are capable of walking off the sides of platforms, and will not die if they land on a solid platform.

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  • Zombies are the most common enemies in Graveyard Shift.
  • Zombies are the only enemies that can have their head shot off their body but still function.