This article is about zombies from Office Trap. For zombies from other games, please see Zombies.

Zombie traps
Zombie Traps
A zombie walking
Attack Spawns a toxic container, which creates a zombie that will turn the employee into a zombie if contact is made
Damage Death
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Office Trap

Zombie traps are traps in the game Office Trap. Zombie traps are the first new traps introduced in Office Trap, and also the first traps introduced in the game. They do not appear in the prequel, Knight Trap.


The zombie trap button has a radiation symbol on both ends of the button. The zombie appears to be a skeleton with some toxic waste dumped on it. The toxic waste looks green with some multicolored spots in it.

Game information

When a zombie trap is set off, a yellow barrel of toxic waste rises up out of the middle of button. The barrel then explodes, sending green slime all over the button.

Although the slime is harmless, a zombie will grow from the large clump of slime and begin to walk around. The zombie walks slowly, is partly green coloured, and has a part of its skeleton exposed. The zombie will walk in the direction of the player, or to where the player last stood before jumping up to the above platform.

The zombie will leave a trail of slime wherever it goes, and is not much of a threat in large spaces, but hard to avoid in smaller ones. The zombie can walk wherever it wants on the platforms, as it is not affected by other traps. If the zombie does make contact with the player, or the player is to close to the zombie's head when jumping over it, the zombie will bite the employee and the employee will become a similar zombie, only with more hair, and will act exactly the same as other zombies. The player will also die and have to start over with another employee.



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