Type Bomb firing
Grid spaces 4
Numbers in brackets ([ ]) signify damage dealt by dropped fragments of a Weapon. [[ ]] indicates damage by further fragments.
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 600 N/A
Damage 60 [30] [[15]] N/A
Reload Very Slow N/A
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

Zeus is a gun in the game Steamlands. Zeus is a very powerful gun that deals very high amounts of damage due to its ability to split bombs fired, which takes up more grid spaces than any other gun in Steamlands, although it also takes the longest to charge.


The Zeus gun is the size of a two by two block.

Zeus has a rectangular base, and the edges of the rectangle are smooth and also have a partly crimson coloured vent bolted on to the block. Below the rectangular block is a small platform which has a fence that extends behind the back of the Zeus gun. On top of the rectangular block is a giant cannon. The bottom part of the cannon has the circular charge light.

The middle part of the cannon has four small red rectangular marks, which have metal spikes branching out of the cannon beside them. The top of the cannon has spikes bigger than the ones on the Mandelbrot and Matryoshka, and on the very top of the cannon a shiny crimson red cap. Gold pipes can be seen on the back of Zeus.

Game information

The Zeus gun fires a big bomb - an enlarged version of the bomb fired by Big Ben - into the air. The bomb will break into three medium sized bombs which break into three small bombs. If the Bomb fired is strong enough to destroy the block or gun it hits, without splitting into smaller bombs it will do so. Zeus is so powerful that one can destroy two Flex guns and the blocks they are attached to with one bomb.

The bomb fired by the Zeus gun will cause explosions that can damage blocks, explosions than cannot be repelled by Reflectium Armour. Zeus bombs are one of two guns which its shots are effective against. When a Zeus bomb lands on Reflectium, the bomb will cause an explosion but not explode itself until it makes contact with a non-Reflectium armoured block.

The Zeus gun is only seen throughout the last few levels of Steamlands. The Zeus gun has a starting health of six hundred and cannot be upgraded further, as well as its reload or damage rate.

Zeus shop items

No known items exist for it, possibly due to the strength of the bombs shot by Zeus.

Nitrome Must Die

Main Article: Gun (Nitrome Must Die)#Cluster Bomb

Although the Zeus does not appear in Nitrome Must Die, the weapon Cluster Bomb fires Bombs which are exact replicas of the ones fired by the Zeus, only being smaller in size.


  • The Zeus gun is named after Zeus, the king god and god of the sky in Greek mythology. Zeus was the most powerful of all the Greek gods, which makes sense as Zeus is the most powerful weapon in the game.
  • Zeus is the only gun in Steamlands that takes up four grid spaces.

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