This article is about yeti from Snow Drift. For yeti from Cold Storage, please see Yeti (Cold Storage).

Yeti (Snow Drift)
Gender Unknown
Species Yeti
Faction Good
Health 3 HP
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Snow Drift

The yeti is the main character of the game Snow Drift.


The yeti has white fur and has a pink belly and hands of the same colour. The feet, ears, and lips are also pink. The yeti has a large tuft of hair on top the head. This character is often seen smiling when in the idle animation, and has two sharp teeth poking out over the lower lip.

Game information


The yeti really wanted to go to the Chip Shop before it closed and travelled a great distance while overcoming many obstacles just to make it in time.


In Snow Drift, the player controls the yeti who can run horizontally with the left and right arrow keys and jump with the up arrow key. The yeti can also crouch into a sliding position if the player presses the dow arrow key. When on ice, crouching will cause the protagonist to slide in the direction being faced. Sliding on ice allows the yeti to move faster as opposed to running, and allows the player to knock out any enemies on contact. Sliding is the only way to defeat enemies, as the yeti will lose one unit of health otherwise. The yeti is only able to take three hits from any enemy or hazard, and depletion of all health causes the yeti to die and fall off the screen. Lost health can be replenished by obtaining fish.

Other appearances



  • The Yeti appears in all the winter-themed skins.