Yellow superviruses
Yellow Supervirus
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Firing bombs
Health 3 blows from bombs
Points 500 points
Game(s) Nanobots

Yellow superviruses are the third and final supervirus introduced in the game Nanobots. Yellow superviruses are the supervirus of team yellow.


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Yellow superviruses are shaped like a bomb, like all superviruses, which are shaped like the weapon they fire. Yellow supervirues are yellow coloured and have yellow spikes on the edges. The parts that are covered by a shield are grey metal with a line running down it.

Game information

Yellow superviruses attack by sliding bombs out of their body. These bombs are slid out of random places of the superviruses body every five to ten seconds, and because of this it is dangerous to stand close to them in danger of a bomb being slid close to into contact with the human piloted nanobot. The bombs take a few seconds to detonate, but explode immediately if they make contact with the human piloted nanobot.

Yellow superviruses are significantly easier to destroy then the past two variations, as the player has to simply place a bomb where its field will meet the supervirus and immediately explode. The supervirus has no spots on its body where it is shielded from attack, and slides bombs out a medium pace slow enough for the Nanobot to evade, making it pretty easy to destroy. Yellow superviruses appear only on level six, and on that level only two appear.


  • Yellow superviruses are the least appearing enemy in Nanobots, appearing only once in the game.

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