This article is about rings from Cold Storage. For rings from Temple Glider, please see Rings of light.

Yellow rings
Yellow ring - Glowing
Yellow ring - Not Glowing

The yellow ring while glowing (top) and before glowing (bottom).

Ability Gives yeti tremendous boost upwards
Game(s) Cold Storage

Yellow rings are interactive objects in the game Cold Storage.


Yellow rings appear as circles that have a large hole in the center and are coloured along the outer rim. They glow from blue to yellow, and vice versa, and air is seen passing through in between glows.

Game information

Yellow rings appear first on level five. Yellow rings will propel the yeti upward when the yeti launches up into them, and float on different parts of the level. The yeti will not be propelled upward when they fall downward through the ring, only when they are launched upward through them.

The yeti is not invincible while being launched from a yellow ring like when the yeti is launched from a super pole; he is still vulnerable to enemies and hazards, so the player should take caution when using the rings.

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