Yellow nanobots
Enemy Yellow Nanobot Transparent
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Planting bombs
Health 1 blow from a bomb
Points 50
Game(s) Nanobots

Yellow nanobots are enemy basic nanobots that appear in the game Nanobots.


Yellow nanobots have a circular body with spikes sticking out, and attached to their back is their head; the eyes and mouth of the nanobot can be seen.

Game information

They are bigger than the pink and green nanobots. Their attack is planting bombs in their wake. However, not all basic yellow nanobots lay bombs.

Nanobots yellow nanobot glitch

Nanobots yellow nanobot glitch

The yellow nanobot glitch

In some levels they appear in large numbers, but are more commonly spawned in smaller numbers than pink or green. The yellow hunter is the titan (upgraded) version of the yellow nanobot.

Basic yellow nanobots can be killed using bombs. They will grant the player fifty points upon coming in contact with a bomb, or after being exposed to the force field of a bomb for too long.


  • On level two of Nanobots, there is a glitch where the two yellow nanobots moving in a square cannot be killed. This rarely happens, however.