Yellow hunters
Titan Yellow Nanobot
Attack Planting bombs
Abilities Chasing the human piloted nanobot
Health Three blows from bombs
Points 100
Game(s) Nanobots

Yellow hunters are enemy titan nanobots in the game Nanobots. Yellow hunters are the titan nanobot of the team yellow, although they are called "yellow hunters" and not "titan yellow nanobots" by Nitrome.


Like all titan nanobots, the yellow hunter resembles their basic nanobot counterpart. Yellow hunters have the appearance of two yellow triangles on each other, the top triangle being a usual triangle while the bottom one is an upside down triangle.

The middle of the top triangle appears spherical, with the nanobot's eyes being in this area. The bottom of the triangle is separated from the top, and acts like the titan yellow nanobots mouth.

Game information

Titan yellow nanobots are different from other Nanobots in that they will chase the human piloted nanobot, laying bombs in the trail they move. Yellow hunters are dangerous not only due to their ability to chase the human piloted nanobot, but that they force the human piloted nanobot to constantly move and to risk colliding with other enemies.

Yellow hunters are easily killed by the human piloted nanobot going into bomb form, as the human piloted nanobot has to simply just move around and lead the enemy nanobot into its bombs. Yellow hunters appear rarely in Nanobots.


  • Yellow hunters are one of two enemies in Nanobots who chase and home in on the human piloted nanobot, the second being weapon stealers.

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