Xolstar 3

The banner for Xolstar 3 as it appears on the Menu of Mega Mash

Xolstar 3 is one of the seven games in the game Mega Mash. In Xolstar 3, the player controls a rocket ship called Xolstar, which moves through space destroying space insects on a mission to destroy the Space Dragon of the planet of Insectica Prime.


Left Right - Move left/right
UpDown - Move up/down


Xolstar 3 is a side scrolling shooter. The background moves horizontally left, even when the player is moving or reversing direction. The Xolstar, the character of Xolstar 3, can only endure three hits before dying. The player can move horizontally and vertically, but slowly.

The Xolstar fires lasers capable of destroying enemies and objects that get in its way. Objects made of blocks can be hid behind to avoid bullets from enemies, most of whom fire in straight directions (horizontally, diagonally).


Outer space

Xolstar 3 is set in outer space. The background constantly loops. In the background, Xolstar passes several planets, red planets, and green planets. There are also asteroids in space, which can be destroyed by Xolstar's lasers.

Main Character

Main Article: Xolstar

The Xolstar is a plane-like spaceship that can fire blue bullets.


  • Space ants - Space Invader enemies that are stationary
  • Space mosquitoes - Red-and-white mosquito enemies that move
  • UFOs - Stationary, harmless enemies that do nothing
  • Bubble aliens - Bubble encased creatures who fire out orbs
  • Space jellyfish - Jellyfish enemies commonly found hiding behind asteroids


  • Asteroids - Rocky objects that can be destroyed
  • Spike head - Red spiky objects that outline areas

Pick Ups


Beta elements

No image of Xolstar 3 was seen in any of the two NES Promo Posters, or the NES skin. One of the seven images Nitrome previewed when they announced Mega Mash was about Xolstar 3, showed an image of the Xolstar 3. This image had the asteroids, background, and enemies in Xolstar 3. It is not known if that section was included in Mega Mash.