Xeno Industries is a location in the Test Subject series.

Game information

Test Subject series

In game

Test Subject Blue

All that is seen of Xeno Industries is through the glass in the test chamber.

Another part of it is seen in the ending of the game.
Test Subject Green

What is seen of Xeno Industries is the same of what is seen in Test Subject Blue.

Test Subject Complete

Xeno Industries does not appear at all, it is only mentioned in one pre-level prologue.


Test Subject Green

Xeno Industries is infiltrated by Dr. Nastidious and possibly his Mercenaries early on in Test Subject Green. While doing a tests, the Professor is attacked by an unknown assailant (presumably Nastidious or a Mercenary) who beat up the Professor. The infiltration is done for the purpose of stealing the creations of the Professor. Xeno Industries is then destroyed.[1]

Test Subject Complete

Xeno Industries is returned to by Dr. Nastidious for the purpose of retrieving the Professor's body. It is only mentioned in one pre-level prologue.


The Xeno Industries objects in Nitrome Must Die

Nitrome Must Die

Items bearing the name "Xeno Industries" appears briefly Nitrome Must Die, on floor 40, during the battle with Blue. At this point, items that bear the name "Xeno Industries" are visible in the background, shown a table. The contents on the table are three beakers, a lamp, a mug reading "Xeno Industries", and a test chamber reading "Xeno Industries". All these objects are cameos from the Test Subject series, and does not mean that these objects exist at Xeno Industries.


  • "xeno-" is a Greek prefix meaning "foreign", and is featured often in science fiction works.
  • It is possible that the Professor is a boss or manager in Xeno Industries (in addition to his role as a scientist), as he mentions in Test Subject Green in one level description about increasing the security around the building. This could also be due to Xeno Industries being entirely run by the Professor.


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