X2 traps
The button
Abilities Increases the speed of other traps
Game(s) Knight Trap

X2 Traps (pronounced "times two traps") are traps in the game Knight Trap. They do not appear in Office Trap, the sequel.


X2 traps buttons appear to be made of wood. X2 trap buttons' icons consist of a white "X" and "2", which the traps are named after.

Game information

X2 traps could be considered an obstacle or hazard, but since it affects hazards that can kill the player's knights it is deemed a trap. X2 traps are the only traps that do not spawn anything when triggered.

When an X2 button is activated, the speed of all traps in the level is doubled, causing them to move twice as fast. This will increase the probability of the player's knights getting hit, since the faster moving traps will be more likely to hit the knights who are not fast enough to avoid the trap. X2 buttons are only capable of doubling all trap speeds and not setting off traps.

If a second X2 button is activated when another X2 button is already in effect, all traps will revert to their usual speeds. X2 traps make four appearances in Knight Trap.

X2 traps are one of two fatal traps not to appear in Office Trap, the other being ghost traps. It is not known why the X2 traps did not appear in Office Trap.

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