This article is about wrecking balls from Headcase. For wrecking balls from other games, please see Wrecking balls.

Wrecking balls
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Swinging around
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Headcase

Wrecking balls are enemies in the game Headcase.


Wrecking balls consist of a blue middle sphere and a link of energy extending from the center blue sphere to the outer rotating sphere.

The outer rotating sphere has two yellow eyes and mouth which seems to be a circle inside its circular head. The outer wrecking ball rotates around the middle; some wrecking balls have a longer link of energy while other have a shorter link.

Game information


The wrecking ball

Wrecking balls consists of two balls: an inner ball and outer ball connected by a line of electricity. The outer ball will deal damage to Norman Noggin if he makes contact with the outer ball. Norman Noggin will also be damaged by the center sphere, but not by the electrical link.

Both spheres of the wrecking balls cannot be destroyed. Some wrecking balls make a full rotation (360°), while others move to one spot, stop, and reverse movement. Both balls cannot be stood on.


A beta version of the wrecking ball was discovered on Simon Hunter's website. The beta version has a light blue chain attaching the ball to the center circle instead of electricity.

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