This article is about wrecking balls from Rubble Trouble and Nitrome Must Die. For wrecking balls from other games, please see Wrecking balls.

The wrecking ball is a tool in the game Rubble Trouble, as well as a hazard in the game Nitrome Must Die.


Rubble Trouble series

The wrecking ball is one of two tools that use the helicopter. The wrecking ball appears as a sphere attached to a several links all linked together with one link attached to the helicopter.

Nitrome Must Die

The wrecking ball is a hazard in Nitrome Must Die. The wrecking ball appears as a large metal ball attached to a chain in varying length, a chain attached to the ceiling. The wrecking ball will swing back and forth, in a pendulum motion, similar to how wrecking balls move in Headcase, another Nitrome game.

Game information

Rubble Trouble series

When used, the player has to place a transparent helicopter with a wrecking ball somewhere in the level. When they have picked a spot (and there isn't an X on the transparent helicopter), clicking will activate the helicopter and the wrecking ball.

When the helicopter with the wrecking ball is activated, the player has to move the helicopter around, sometimes in quick movements, to move the wrecking ball around. The wrecking ball is very strong and when brought down with enough force can destroy several bricks. Any brick that the wrecking ball comes in contact with will instantly be destroyed or weakened. When the wrecking ball is activated, a bar appears. This bar represents the energy remaining for the Helicopter.

The bar slowly depletes, and upon activation depletes in twenty-five seconds. Once the bar depletes, the wrecking ball disappears. Wrecking balls are completely absent from Rubble Trouble Tokyo, although Barry does mention them in one level. The wrecking ball tool does not appear because other tools that can be used to form a wrecking ball-like contraption.

By attaching a Girder to a Sumo Wrestler, the destruction of the platform the Sumo Wrestler is on will either bring the wrestler down or up and high speeds like a wrecking ball, although this does not give them as much freedom as the wrecking ball tool.

Rubble Trouble game description

Wrecking Ball
Position the Wrecking Ball with the mouse pointer.
You have a limited amount of time to use the Wrecking Ball so get swimming and smash as much as you can!

Nitrome Must Die

Only the Sphere attached to the chain will harm the player, the player can freely walk through the chain and suffer no damage. The actual sphere will crack walls, if it comes in contact with any, and does not harm enemies. The wrecking ball damages the player by quite a large amount, subtracting twenty percent (one fifth) of the player's health if the player is hit with it. It appears very rarely, and when it does appear, only one does.

In Rubble Trouble
In Nitrome Must Die
Wrecking Ball 3
Wrecking Ball 2

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