This article is about worms from Space Hopper. For worms from other games, please see Worms.

An upright worm
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Follows the astronaut
Game(s) Space Hopper

Worms are enemies that are first seen in level four of the game Space Hopper.


The worms are green with a glowing outline. An eye is seen on each of their rounded ends, with a thin, light-coloured pupil. On the planets, they move by flipping one end over the other, traveling in a continuous motion and direction.

Game information

The behaviour of the worms is similar to the masked robots, also introduced in level four. Like the masked robots, the worms will be able to track the astronaut's movements when he lands on the same planet they are walking on. However, they will continue to move until they reach the astronaut, causing him to lose a life on contact. The worms have the ability to switch directions immediately to travel the shortest distance in order to reach the astronaut.

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