This article is about worms from Hot Air 2. For worms from other games, please see Worms.

Worms are enemies in the game Hot Air 2. Worms appear as worm-like enemies that can walk on all horizontal surfaces. They do not appear in any of the other two Hot Air games, Hot Air and Hot Air Jr.


Worms are very flexible, and can constantly flip. They have a light blue body, as well as a pair of eyes and an eyebrow above. They have a small mouth with teeth, and two purple cheeks nearby.

Game information

Worms appear only in Hot Air 2 on bonus level 23: The Worm that Turned. They do not appear in any of the other Hot Air games. This is typical of the Hot Air series, as most enemies are not recurring. Worms walk on whatever surface they land on, even ones with spikes. When the player moves underneath or above on, they will become angry and fly up at the player. During this phase, they are horizontal.

Blue worms will land and walk on the surface they then land on. They can only walk horizontally on a platform, not able to fall off it or move on to an intersecting platform. They can only move in straight movements, and only to platforms above them. They lack the capability to curve while in the air, even though being able to curve their body while walking.