This article is about wormholes from Nanobots. For wormholes from Nebula, please see Wormholes (Nebula).

The triple spawner for the combined nanobot
Attack Spawning enemy nanobots
Damage None
Game(s) Nanobots

Wormholes are hazards in the game Nanobots. Their only purpose is to spawn enemies.


They are either coloured pink, green, or yellow, based on what type of enemy nanobot they spawn. They are composed of multiple dots that will move around and fade in and out.

Game information

Wherever there are wormholes, enemies will begin swarming out of them, and the wormholes should be avoided. Any enemies that spawn out of a wormhole can do no damage to the human piloted nanobot for a period of about two seconds. However, after that time, the enemies can wound the player like normal.

All enemy nanobots are spawned out of wormholes, even the combined nanobot, although it is spawned out of three. After they have finished spawning enemies, they will continue to sit there for a few seconds doing nothing, and then will fade away. Wormholes appear on all levels.


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