This article is about a worm from Sky Serpents. For a worm from other games, please see Worms.

Worm serpent
Worm SerpentS
Level 5
Attack(s) Spikes will come up out of holes on its segments when weak spots are destroyed
Abilities None
Weak spots Five
Spot health
9-11 hits each
Colour Grey

The worm serpent is the fifth Sky Serpent encountered in Sky Serpents.


The worm serpent has dark brown scales. Its eyes are light gold and it has a gold crest on the top of its head that looks like it is made of bone. Like most sky serpents, its scales overlap each other, creating a mail-like armor protecting it. It is one of the longer serpents.

Fifth serpant

The entire worm serpent

Game information

The worm serpent moves fairly slowly through the entire level. Because of its slow movement, the player doesn't have to worry about the young Norse warrior falling off.


The worm serpent does not have any sort of special ability.


After a weak point is killed, a spikes will pop up out of a hole closest to the front of the weak spot. The spikes are relatively easy to avoid, except when they are behind the young Norse warrior.

They deal damage to the young Norse warrior if touched and will remain on the serpent for the remainder of the battle. New spikes will pop up when a weak point is killed. Although spikes are easy to avoid on foot, when the young Norse warrior is clinging to the outer side of the serpent, the young Norse warrior will likely get hurt when the serpent curves, as spikes curve toward the young Norse warrior.

Weak points

The worm serpent has five weak points, all which are exposed from the start of the level, and must be defeated to pass. The worm serpent's ligaments take around ten blows each to kill. Some may take nine, or even eleven hits, although it is unlikely those aforementioned health values will come about in the weak points.

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