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Woolly rhino
Big Horn Rhino 1
Attacks Charging into the player
Level 5-3
Health 6 blows
Game(s) Frost Bite 2

The Woolly rhino is the first boss encountered in the game Frost Bite 2 and first appears in level 5-3 and later reappeared on the Frost Bite 2 icon for 2.0.


The woolly rhino has a semi-triangular body, and four feet below the back. It has a long snout located on one side of its body, close to the yellow eye also located close to one side of the body. Its snout has two medium size teeth underneath, a giant horn located on the above edge of the snout, and a little bird back from that a small horn. The woolly rhino has brown woolly fur, unlike most enemies which have white fur.

Game information

Frost Bite 2

The woolly rhino is encountered in a cave on level five, section three. When encountered, the woolly rhino will lift up its body and charge back and forth in the room. At this point, it hasn't been damaged at all, and cannot be damaged with the grappling hook. Instead, the player has to grab hooks high up on the wall and land on its hump. Once this is done, it will lose health, then proceed in lifting up its body, roaring, and charging again. This time, the hooks on the wall will move vertically, providing some challenge and timing for the player. The method of harming the best is the same as before, land on its hump. The player has to land on its hump six times to defeat it.

Other appearances


  • If the player lands on the rhino's hump just after it roars, they will bounce on it.
  • If the player lands on the rhino's hump where it usually turns, it will roar, lift its head up, and charge off screen, then come back onto the screen very soon.
  • The rhino is seen next to the Eskimo on the Frost Bite 2 icon for 1.5.

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