Type Machine Gun
Grid spaces 1
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 150 165
Damage 6 7
Reload Fast Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

Woodpecker is a fast-firing weapon in the game Steamlands.


The Woodpecker gun has a very small hemispherical base, which has a constantly rotating barrel as a cannon. The barrel is attached to the red light which is attached to the base; a metal circle is present around the end of the barrel.

Game information

The Woodpecker is a great combat weapon since it can fire a line of bullets in quick succession, and once aimed at a block it will whittle down its health faster than any other one block guns.

It can be a danger to the player or the enemy, as it will quickly lessen the health of blocks, groups of Woodpeckers being an even bigger danger. The Woodpecker possesses the same weakness as the Flex gun, which is the more damaged the Woodpecker is the less its accuracy is. The Woodpecker has a bigger cousin called the North Star, which acts like an even stronger Woodpecker.

The Woodpecker starts off at 150 health and can be upgraded to 165. The Woodpecker has a starting damage-inflicting rate of six per shot, and can be upgraded further to seven per shot.

Woodpecker Shop Items

Below lists the Shop Items that can be bought for the Woodpecker, and take effect in Steamlands.

Woodpecker Damage 1 Woodpecker Health 1 Woodpecker Reload 1
Image: W1 W2 W3
Price: £7500 £7500 £7500
Tag: Damage Health Reload
Result: Increases damage Health increases to 165 Woodpecker fires faster
Description: Rumor has it the Woodpecker turret used to actually fire the beaks of woodpeckers. Grisly stuff eh? Well they've improved on the ammo once again and you can by it in town to peck down the opposition better. By packing the insides of the Woodpecker with steel feathers it can increase the damage resistance of the Turret. And somehow it won't jam the firing mechanism. Oh, and you can buy the feathers here. Is it possibly the little Woodpecker could fire any faster? Just barely with the right adjustments and the right expensive parts that [are]* available here in this town.
Level: Descent Stealing to Survive Battle Engine Blackhammer

* - this word was added as a word seemed to be missing from the original description.


  • The Woodpecker is named for its machine-gun-like capabilities, where it fires at tanks very quickly in quick succession like a Woodpecker pecking a tree at high speeds, which is also in quick succession.
  • The Woodpecker is the second least damage-per-shot ratio in Steamlands, dealing six damage per bullet, seven when upgraded. The North Star, an upgraded version of the Woodpecker, deals the least amount of damage, dealing five damage per shot, six when upgraded. However, the North Star fires faster than the Woodpecker.
  • The Woodpecker is most likely inspired by the modern day minigun.

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