This article is about a rocket from Rockitty. For a rocket from other games, please see Rockets.

The wooden rocket is an interactive object in the game Rockitty, found only on level 6.


The wooden rocket is shaped like a rocket with a opening at the bottom. It is light brown with pink goo lining most of the inside. At the bottom of the rocket, beside the opening, are two gray bolts. One bolt is big while the other is smaller.

Game information

To move the rocket, the player must repeatedly move Rockitty in a certain direction. Objects can pass through the opening of the rocket, but will be stopped if they hit its sides. The rocket can push objects and will destroy slime creatures. The player must be careful not to rotate the opening in the direction the rocket is flying towards, otherwise Rockitty may be shot out of the opening unintentionally.


  • Rockitty belittles the wooden rocket by saying, "Meow! What's is this piece of junk!? Nowhere near the luxury of my kitty class cruiser" at the start of the level.