This article is about wood from Rubble Trouble Moscow. For wood from Ice Breaker series, please see Wood (Ice Breaker).

Wood 2

A type of wood block.

Wood is a breakable block in the game Rubble Trouble Moscow. It does not appear in the prequels, Rubble Trouble New York and Rubble Trouble Tokyo, however.

Wood on Fire

Wood on fire


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They appear as wooden blocks in some levels of the game. When they are on fire, they gradually blacken and fall apart in ashes.

Game information

It can be destroyed like bricks, except wood can be set on fire with Molotov or with gunpowder barrels. When on fire, it will burn for some seconds and when the fire is done, it will be gray and in a while will turn to dust or ash. When wood is on fire and has contact with another wood block, the other wood will catch on fire too, causing the fire to spread. In this way entire wooden buildings can be destroyed in one shot.

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