This article is about wood from Ice Breaker series. For wood from Rubble Trouble Moscow, please see Wood (Rubble Trouble).

Ability Can be attached by rope; lighter than rock
Game(s) Ice Breaker series

Wood is a material in the Ice Breaker series.


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Wood is light brown and has darker lines running through it to simulate grains in the wood.

Game information

Wood cannot be cut, unlike ice. In this way it is similar to rock. However, wood is lighter than rock and behaves accordingly when attached to something with a screw. Wood can have rope attached to it, and in this way, it is often used for flying platforms by being attached to crows. Otherwise, it will act like any other normal material, sustaining the weight of Vikings or objects and moving when forces push or pull upon it.

In Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, wood is able to float on water and is used to help the player retrieve vikings. It is not found in many levels.

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