This article is about rats from Ice Breaker series. For rats from Tiny Castle, please see rats (Tiny Castle).

Attack Killing Vikings on contact
Health One hit from a hammer
Game(s) Ice Breaker series

Wolfrats[1] are the only enemies in the browser Ice Breaker series.


Wolfrats have dark green fur with dark pink tails, ears, and mouth. They have several unaligned white teeth and two white eyes.

Game information

Ice Breaker 1, The Red Clan, and The Gathering

Wolfrats will kill all Vikings on contact, except the ice breaker of the clan. Wolrats are fatal if they are touched and are like runes, but unlike runes, can sink into the water and can be killed by the icebreaker of the clan can with their hammer if the Wolfrat falls into the longboat.

Wolfrats are usually placed strategically where a Viking is not frozen in ice, which is when they are the most deadly. They cannot kill Vikings if they are completely frozen in ice, and act as objects when pushed.

Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage

Wolfrats are absent from Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, instead being replaced by Trolls. However, Wolfrats do appear as a prize in level 13B: Kill a Troll and on the rooftop in Update #5 on the Icebreaker iOS website.


  1. Named only in the code of the game.
    icebreaker.swf/sprites/DefineSprite (282: com.nitrome.icebreaker.Wolfrat)

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