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Wizards are the unlockable characters in Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire.

Game information

Wizards can be purchased from the "Wizards" category in the shop and serve to only aesthetically change the page.

Each wizard has a unique reaction and/or way to fire bullets when using the gun hat spell.




Shop icon



Wizard Free Wizard shop icon MT mobile The wizard wears a blue cloak, a hat with a yellow stripe on it and brown shoes. He has a long brown beard and a triangular shaped body. Magic touch wizard
Wicked Witch of N7 500 Wicked Witch of N7 shop icon MT mobile
Wicked Witch of N7 is a green skinned woman with a square red nose and grey hair. She has a tall purple wizard hat, a purple cloak similar to the main wizard's cloak, and red shoes.
Magic touch wwn7
Fairy 1000 Fairy shop icon MT mobile
The fairy is a woman wearing a flower wreath with a blue star on the top. She has yellow hair, pink cheeks, a pink cloak, and beige shoes.
Magic touch fairy
Merlin 2000 Merlin shop icon MT mobile
Merlin is a wizard with a white beard. He has a blue wizard hat with light blue moon and star symbols, a blue cloak, and grey shoes.
Magic touch merlin
The Fortune teller 2000 The Fortune Teller shop icon MT mobile
The fortune teller is a woman with a purple hat, brown hair and big yellow earrings. Her attire includes a necklace with a red ball, a red coat with a green shirt, and dark cyan shoes.
Magic touch thefortuneteller
Druid 3000 Druid shop icon MT mobile
The druid is a man with a white beard and branches shaped like horns coming out of his hood. He has a green cloak and black shoes.
Magic touch druid
The Owl Curse 4000 The Owl Curse shop icon MT mobile
The Owl Curse is an owl with an orange beak, a purple beard, and a gold and purple symbol on his head. He has a green cloak similar to the main wizard's cloak and has purple shoes.
Magic touch owl-curse
Barry the Scholar 5000 Barry the Scholar shop icon MT mobile
Barry the scholar is a boy with glasses, black hair, and a scar shaped like a lighting bolt on his forehead. He also has a blue school uniform with a red tie and black shoes.
Magic touch barrythescholar
Gene the Genie 5000

Gene the Genie shop icon MT mobile

Gene the Genie is a dark skinned man with a black beard. He has a green turban with a white feather and a square-shaped emerald in the middle of his turban. He also has a red and yellow cloak similar to the main wizard's cloak, a gold medal on his neck, and green shoes.
Magic touch genethegenie
Crazy Cat Lady 6000

Crazy Cat Lady shop icon MT mobile

Crazy Cat Lady is a woman with a T-shaped face, yellow hair, purple lashes, rosy cheeks, and purple lips. She has a wizard hat with a purple flower and two black cats on it. She has a pink pearls on her neck, a dark blue cloak similar to the main wizard's cloak, and purple shoes.
Magic touch crazycatlady
Jinxed Cat 7000
Jinxed cat is a black cat with a white dot on her right eye. She has a black cloak and purple shoes.
Magician 8000

Magician shop icon MT mobile

The magician is a man with black glasses. He has a black top hat with a white rabbit on it. He also has a red bow tie, a black cloak similar to the main wizard's cloak, and yellow shoes
Magic touch magician
Leprechaun 9000
Leprechaun is a man with an orange beard and hair, a green top hat, and a brown snout. He is wearing a green suit.
Invizi Bill 10000

Invisibill shop menu MT Mobile

Invizi Bill is probably an invisible man with a fake pink nose and black glasses. He has a yellow ring with a red necklace and a red top. He also has white gloves and a cloak and shoes both similar to and the same colour as the main wizard's cloak.
Magic touch invizibill
Voodoo Shaman 10000

Voodoo Shaman shop icon MT mobile

Voodoo Shaman is a brown skinned man with a grey beard and dark red marks on his forehead. He has six cyan feathers in the head. He also has a necklace with white skulls, red cloak similar to main wizard's cloak and cyan shoes.
Magic touch voodooshaman
Medusa 15000
Medusa is grey skinned woman with green hair of snakes. Her attire includes yellow cloak.
The Skull 20000 The Skull shop icon MT mobile
The skull is a skeleton with a flaming head. He has grey necklace with a blue orb in the middle of the necklace, Crimson and grey Monk cloak and yellow shoes.
Magic touch theskull
Shaolin Monk 25000
Shaolin Monk is a man with dots on his forehead. His attire includes necklace of red balls, orange cloak and white shoes.
Evil Warlock 30000 Evil Warlock shop icon MT mobile
Evil Warlock is dark green man with red eyes. He has probably Bull's skull on the head with long grey horns. He also has purple cloak similar to main wizard's cloak and green shoes.
Magic touch evilwarlock
The Psychic 40000
The psychic is a man with grey hair and purple brains. His attire includes golden necklace, yellow cloak and cyan shoes.
Gunbrick dude 50000
Gunbrick dude is a man with pink nose and black glasses. The robot he controls has a yellow head, yellow cloak, and grey shoes.


  • Spoiler
    Barry the Scholar's design is a reference to Harry Potter.
  • Spoiler
    There is a glitch where all wizards will have the same colored cloak and shoes as the wizard who was selected when starting the game. The glitch can be reset by selecting a new wizard and going back to the main menu.

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