This article is about the wizard from Tiny Castle. For the wizard from Magic Touch, please see Wizard (Magic Touch).

Wizard (Tiny Castle)2
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Health Cannot die
Level(s) All
Game(s) Tiny Castle

The wizard is a character in the game Tiny Castle. He is the grandfather of the princess.


The wizard is dressed in the stereotypical wizard outfit. He is dressed in a blue hat, a blue cloak, and a wand. He has a white beard. His sprite also has a thin green outline around it.


He can use his wand to cast spells such as pulling blocks out of walls, transforming enemies into different enemies, spawning enemies, and rearranging the castle.

Game information


The princess had rented the castle and was staying there, where her grandfather slept in a room with a fireplace. The princess was then captured by the black armoured knight. Then, the knight entered the castle and went on a quest to rescue the princess.

When furious, the wizard casts spells on the castle. When the princess was freed, she and her grandfather were expelled from the castle because of all the havoc the Princess had caused.


The wizard resides in a small room, located mainly at the top right corner of the level most of the time in-game. Sometimes, the wizard is able to transport his room to another location in the castle. The wizard spends most of his time in-game in bed, waking up only when he has to perform a spell. When he performs a spell, he rearranges the level, adding elements at times. Although the player can at times reach the wizard's room, the wizard can neither be killed nor damaged.


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