This article is about wizards from Magic Touch series. For wizards from Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, please see Wizards.

Magic touch wizard
The default wizard from Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Level(s) All
Game(s) Magic Touch series, Gopogo

The wizard is the main character of the Magic Touch series, who tries to stop the knights from landing on the castle. He defeats the knights by popping the balloons.


Magic Touch

The wizard wears a blue cloak and a blue hat, and carries a wand. He has a very long white beard.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

In the mobile version, the wizard wears a blue cloak and hat with a yellow stripe on it, brown shoes and a long brown beard. The wizard lacks a wand and holds his arms up when using magic. He has a triangular-shaped body.

In Magic Touch
In Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire
MT Wizard 2
Magic touch wizard


The wizard retains his Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire appearance, only appearing more circular.

Game information

Magic Touch

The wizard is armed with a wand that can draw in the sky using magic ink. With this power, the wizard draws symbols that resemble or match the symbols on the balloons. When the symbols match, the respective balloon is popped. The amount of ink the wizard can use to draw a symbol is rationed.

The wizard's only known duty is to protect his castle from being invaded. The wizard flees the allure (walkway at the top of a castle wall) when a knight successfully lands on the castle.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

The wizard acts almost the same as in Magic Touch, the only difference being that he does not flee the castle when a knight lands on it and makes noises whenever he drops grey knights and when a knight successfully lands on the castle.


The wizard appears as an unlockable character and can be purchased for 85 coins.

Other appearances

  • Party skin - The wizard appears near a beetle knight, squished by nearby characters
  • Castle Corp - The wizard appears on the weapon called 'Magic for Dummies'
  • Touchy skin - A Cuboy appears with the wizard's hat
  • Retro skin - The wizard appears trying to pop the knights balloons


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