Winghead doodles
Winghead Doodle
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying
Game(s) Scribble

Winghead doodles are enemies in the game Scribble that appear only in the hill levels of the game.


Winghead doodles appear as a greyish-coloured sphere with black eyes on a small white background taking up around one third of its visible body. Two small blue wings are placed on top of the creatures body, which is similar to a head, hence its name.

Game information

The winghead doodle flies around via its wings, and unlike other enemies who move in horizontal or vertical directions, the winghead doodle rebounds off walls and the ceiling. Winghead doodles are a thin version of boulder doodles, and are practically a smaller version of them.

Because of this, the winghead doodle's path is different every time, and therefore it can easily collide with the blots. The winghead doodle, like some enemies in Scribble cannot be killed, and thus has to be confined in areas by ink while blots pass.