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For elite winged cats, see Elite winged cats.

Winged cats are creatures in the game Parasite.


Hence their name, winged cats are cat-like creatures with large pink butterfly wings and inhabitants of the green planet. They have a small gray body with big cat ears, blue eyes, a mouth (with its tongue sticking out), a nose, little arms and legs, and a tail.

Game information

Winged cats are commonly encountered in groups. Winged cats have tails, but never used them unless they are enslaved. Some winged cats are stationary, while some move vertically or horizontally. Colliding with a winged cat anywhere other than its head will instantly kill the player, unless he is on an enslaved creature, in which case it will only take one heart. Winged cats can be enslaved by landing on their head. Upon landing on it, the parasite will enslave the creature, causing the winged cat's eyes to become green coloured and its mouth to begin drooling green goo.

Winged cats, when enslaved, become much heavier, as they will slowly fall to the ground if their wings are not flapped. The winged cats wings can be flapped by pressing Up, and by pressing it in succession will cause the winged cat to move up faster. Left and Right will make the winged cat move in that direction, but not its wings. Winged cats can also pick up crates with its tail by pressing the Z key while the winged cats tail is on the crate. Winged cats do not have any way of defending themselves.

Winged cats have two hearts of health, and upon depletion of the two, the winged cat will explode. This can also be triggered by killing the winged cat via the X key button. A stronger and more sophisticated version of winged cat is encountered in later levels - called the elite winged cat.


Elite winged cats

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Elite winged cats are similar to regular winged cats, except that they cannot be enslaved and are indestructible. They have a helmet on their head, preventing them from being enslaved.