Wing shielded robots
Wing Shielded Robot
Attack None
Abilities Turns the soldier's bullets into enemy bullets
Health 3 blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Wing shielded robots are enemies in the game Bullethead.


A wing shielded robot appear as a small robot with one eye and two long glass wings. The wings are of a purplish hue, and are slightly transparent. The robot's eye is yellow.

Game information

The wing shielded robot will come out of one of the sides of the top of the screen. It will move in straight lines, coming out below the opposite side of the screen when it meets a side of the screen. The wings of the robot are indestructible and will not deal damage to the robot when hit. Instead, the wings will reflect the bullets shot by the soldiers back towards the soldier.

The shielded robot's only weak point is its head. To destroy it, the soldier should stay focused and hit the head only. A rapid-fire power up is not good against this robot because, since it is fired quickly, the wings will reflect the bullets back at the soldier multiple times and therefore get a shower of bullets raining down upon the soldier. However, the worst power up to use on this enemy is the three-way bullet power up. This is because it is impossible to make all three bullets hit the head. Instead, at least two rows (sometimes three, if the soldier has bad aim) of bullets will shower on the soldier. Rapid-fire coupled with three way is extremely deadly, and can utterly destroy a shield power up in less than a second.


  • The wing shielded robots look exactly like satellites, hinting that the Triclopians may have used them for that very purpose.

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