This article is about wind from Rush. For wind from other games, please see Wind.

Wind pipes
Wind Pipes
Attack Blowing Runners back
Damage None
Game(s) Rush

Wind pipes are a hazard in the game Rush.


Wind pipes are grey colored pipes with a yellow X in the middle. The front of the pipe has a black and yellow checkered design.

Game information

They are not completely hazards, as they cannot hurt the player. They appear on the ceiling of levels, blowing air. The air will slow down the runner, stopping them from moving, or pushing them back.

They are quite annoying, as they can easily cause the player to lose their leading position, and plummet them down to second or third place. They are indestructible, thus, they must be avoided. The wind pipes seem to be normal pipes seen on the ceilings of levels early in the game.

The pipes can generally be easily avoided by shifting the gravity, and by appearing on the opposite side of the side the wind pipes are on, the player cannot be pushed back if the stage is flipped.

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