This article is about wind from Frost Bite 2. For wind from other games, please see Wind.

The wind
Attack Pushes the Eskimo
Damage None
Game(s) Frost Bite 2

Wind is a hazard in the game Frost Bite 2.


Wind actually has no physical appearance. The player only knows when wind is around by being pushed and the movement of the snowflakes in one direction.

Game information

It is signaled by the moving of the falling snowflakes. It will blow slightly at first to indicate its arrival, at which it then blows at its full force for a brief moment before becoming still again. Although wind itself cannot hurt the Eskimo, it is hard to outpace and its force can push the Eskimo towards other dangerous hazards, especially spikes.

Even when the Eskimo is walking against it, they will walk slower. Wind will frequently stop, then begin again. Wind appears in only a few areas in Frost Bite. Wind cannot be destroyed, and has to skillfully walked through, or if possible the Eskimo can stay behind a platform for the time being to avoid the wind altogether.

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