This article is about boars from Double Edged. For boars from other games, please see Boars.

Wild boars
Ability Can be used as a weapon
Game(s) Double Edged

Wild boars are weapons and interactive objects in the game Double Edged.


Wild boars are four-legged and have dark bodies. Starting at the wild boar's head and going down its back are dark brown spikes of hair. The inside of the boar's ears is light pink and they have a white beady eye on their face. Lastly the wild boar has a light pink nose with brown nostrils.

Game information

Boars first appear in level one. Like the chicken, boars can be used as a weapon by stunning it, which can be done by hitting it a few times with any weapon. The stronger the weapon the easier it will be to stun it. Once stunned, the wild boar will become still, and can be picked up by the player.

To pick it up, the player has to go up to the boar and press the attack button. The wild boar can now by thrown like a rock. When thrown, the boar will act the same as a rock, until it comes to rest. After lying dazed for a few seconds, it will get up and run around again, forcing the player to knock it out again to use it. The wild boar also appears as a gold statue on level 1-2, the level Midas is encountered on.

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