This article is about nodes from Fault Line. For nodes from other games, please see Nodes.

White nodes
White node
Ability When joined, create a fault line
Game(s) Fault Line

White nodes are interactive objects that connect with the main component of the game Fault Line.


White nodes are diamond-shaped, with white arrows sticking out and a smaller pink diamond-like node in the middle of the main node.

Game information

The player's cursor in the game is a target or crosshair, which is used to make a fault line. When a node is dragged with the mouse across to another node, the area the line is spread across will be folded with a pink line, thus creating the fault line.

With the creation of a line, it makes possible to cross areas previously impassable. The nodes undo the fault lines if they crush Zapo. By clicking on a node, the player can also undo these fault lines. If Zapo dies, all of the fault lines done after he was previously spawned will be reverted.

Fault lines are many times used to fold away hazards that would otherwise kill the Zapo. Other nodes already folded into each other can also be used with other nodes, in most cases.



  • Some levels already have been folded when started, as pink lines are present in some places. These alterations usually cannot be undone.

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