A stationary white lab wall.

White lab walls are a type of wall and a hazard in the game Final Ninja Zero.


White lab walls are grayish white, and usually have a gray spot in the middle. The material they are made out of looks durable and thick.

Game information

White lab walls are made of titanium hybrid, so Takeshi cannot fire a rope into it, and they can cut ropes attached to regular surfaces. There are three kinds of white lab walls: those that appear as walls, rectangular moving blocks, and square moving blocks.

The player should be careful around moving blocks, because if Takeshi is forced between a moving wall and any other wall, it will crush him. Sometimes moving blocks may change their movement pattern. For example, two square blocks that move up and down at the same rate may later move toward and away from each other, making a crusher in the middle. Moving blocks may also be used as lifts.

On very few levels, setting off a tripwire laser may activate a square moving white lab wall and cause them to follow Takeshi and try to crush him. Although they cannot be climbed with ninja rope, they can still be traversed by wall jump.


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