White hotspots
White hotspot
A white hotspot found on the steam-powered Batter-Berger
Ability Destroying enemies
Game(s) Dirk Valentine

White hotspots are interactive objects in the game Dirk Valentine.


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White hotspots appear as small, metal outlined nodes that glow white and aqua green. The nodes appear to be encased in a dark yellow coating.

Game information

White hotspots appear on moving platforms and some enemies. When the player shoots a white hotspot on a moving platform with his chain gun, the platform will stop moving and stay in place as long as the chain is attached to it. However, as soon as the chain is broken, the platform will resume motion. White hotspots also appear the backs of trains and in three places on the steam-powered Batter-Berger. Shooting these will cause harm to the respective enemy.

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