Submolok Object Whirlpool exit above water
Submolok near a whirlpool above water
Ability Transporting Submolok to another area
Game(s) Submolok

Whirlpools are interactive objects in Submolok. They provide a means of entry and exit for the protagonist.


Whirlpools are indicated by a bulge in their rocky surface, where a collection of smaller rocks are clumped together. Water can be seen flowing in or out of the whirlpool, depending on the type. Whirlpools can be oriented in any direction, though entry whirlpools are only found lying horizontally.

Exit whirlpools have strands of a green plant over its opening if the whirlpool is located underwater. Entry whirlpools are distinguished by a pair of wooden arrows, one on either side, that point towards the whirlpool's entrance.

If the player has obtained the floppy disk, whirlpools are indicated by a thin, dark, red striped vertical bar on the map.

Game information

Submolok Object Whirlpool entryway underwater

An entry whirlpool underwater.

At least two whirlpools can be found per stage with the exception of the starting area. When the proper entrance is reached, whirlpools will transport Submolok to a certain place in the game. Submolok can be pulled in to an entrance whirlpool if he draws near one at a close enough distance. The ship is then thrust out the exit whirlpool into the new area.

In the main hub, entrance whirlpools will lead Submolok to the various "stages" within the game, where the player can obtain additional satellite parts. Approaching near the whirlpool displays the percentage of parts that have been obtained from the area.

The entryway back to the main hub is usually found at a far away distance from the player's initial starting point and requires avoiding enemies and hazards to reach. As the player collects satellite parts, the entry whirlpool within the particular area has to be entered to retain the parts back in the hub. If the player uses the satellite icon to return, the parts collected in the current area will be lost.

Exit whirlpools have a force strong enough to push Submolok back if he tries to touch the rock ledge they are on at full speed.

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