This article is about wheels from Swindler 2. For wheels from other games, please see Wheels.

Wheels (Swindler)
Ability Moves slimy orange goo
Game(s) Swindler 2

Wheels are interactive objects in the game Swindler 2 that control the movement of slimy orange goo. They do not appear in the prequel, Swindler.


Wheels look like a metal wheel with four metal bars on it, making a cross shape and a green outline. In the middle is a roundish splotch of orange goo that pulses outward when the wheel is turned. When the goo is pulsing out, its eyes cannot be seen.

Game information

Pulsing orange wheel

The goo when pulsing

Wheels are first introduced in level five of Swindler 2. When Swindler's cord wraps around the wheel, it catches into the wheel and controls it (meaning there are probably rivets inside the wheel for the cord latch onto). When Swindler goes down, it will rotate the wheel counter-clockwise and the slimy orange goo in the level will move forward. When he goes up, the wheel will rotate clockwise and the slimy orange goo will move backwards. Slimy orange goo is death to Swindler upon touch, so the player usually has to be careful how much cord they let loose.

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