This article is about wheels from Cheese Dreams. For wheels from other games, please see Wheels.

Small mouse wheel
A small wheel from Cheese Dreams
Ability Opening gates
Game(s) Cheese Dreams, Cheese Dreams Demo, Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Wheels are interactive objects in the game Cheese Dreams, Cheese Dreams Demo, and Cheese Dreams: New Moon.


Cheese Dreams

Wheels come in two colours and sizes: small wheels are red, while big wheels are green. Both types of wheels have grey circles in the centre, with three grey rods connecting the centers to three equally distanced points around the circumference of the wheel.

Cheese Dreams Demo

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Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Wheels from Cheese Dreams New Moon are pink and circular. In the centre of the wheel, there is a pink meter that resembles a clock. Rods extend from the meter to the outside of the wheel and they are a dark shade of pink then the outside.

Cheese Dreams
Cheese Dreams: New Moon
Small mouse wheel
Turning wheel

Game information

Cheese Dreams

If the moon jumps on one side of a wheel, a gate will open. They come in two types, large and small. A few of them have space mice inside, which will turn the wheel the other way, closing the gate, resulting in the moon having to move quickly.

Wheels can also be seen that are not connected to gates. These wheels usually have a mouse inside. The mouse is usually walking, making the wheel rotate. Since the wheel is moving, the moon will have a hard time bouncing on it. Therefore, the player must be careful when controlling the moon on wheels, as to not accidentally bounce him into a hazard or enemy.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Wheels first appear on level 2. Once the moon bounces on a wheel's side, it will begin to turn and open a nearby gate. If the moon stops bouncing on a wheel it will turn backwards and the gate will lock. Every time the player bounces on a wheel the meter inside it will turn and once it has turned completely, turning the wheel will not cause the gate to stay open and instead the gate will begin to close. Wheels can also be turned to raise pink platforms that can be used to reach higher areas.


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