A werewolf
Attack Harmful upon contact
Abilities Move two spaces each turn
Health One blow from a stake
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Werewolves are enemies in the game Turn-Undead.


Werewolves are depicted by a form that is a cross between a human's and a wolf's. Werewolves have the head of a wolf that is slightly narrow with small pointed ears placed at the back of the head with pink insides, tufts of fur present below the face near the back, a small red eye placed below a slanted eyebrow, and a wolf's muzzle with a closed mouth and a small black nose. Save for the werewolf's eyebrow and muzzle, which are white, the head of the wolf is completely light blue and looms forward.

The werewolf's upper body is shirtless with muscular chest and arms in the same light blue colour as its head with tufts of long white fur being visible at the back of its neck. The arm of a werewolf changes from a human's to wolf's at the elbow with the hands of a werewolf being white with fingers curling backward and the rest of its arm being light blue. Werewolves wear pants in a dark blue shade that extends to their ankles leave their stubby, white feet exposed.

When a werewolf has been killed, it loses its fur and animal features and instead takes on the appearance of a bald shirtless man with pale olive skin, small beady red eyes, white teeth, a circular head, and a slightly muscular upper body with the only features that remain the same from its werewolf form being its dark blue pants and its eye colour.

Game information

Werewolves first appear in level 7 of Turn-Undead and, like most enemies, instantly kill the vampire hunter upon contact. Werewolves move two spaces for every one space the Vampire hunter takes unless the player jumps on top of them whereupon the werewolf will function as a platform. Werewolves die upon making contact with a stake and change from a wolf to a human with their corpse remaining in the level.

Because of a werewolves quick movement, in some instances it is possible to kill them by firing a stake near a wall as when the werewolf reaches the wall, it will be pierced by the stake and die. Also, because of the werewolves ability, it is easier to jump on top of them as by jumping in the air the player can quickly find themselves on top of a werewolf and, by jumping again and moving forward one space from on top of a werewolf, use the werewolf as a stepping stone.


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