Were square
A Weresquare transforming
Attack Chasing the trolls
Abilities When pink, it can run away from the trolls
Health One hit (has to be eaten)
Points Unknown
Game(s) Square Meal 2

The Weresquare is the only known enemy in the cancelled game Square Meal 2 and appeared in the Horror skin on a tree. It does not appear in Square Meal, the original.


The Weresquare has two appearances, its pink appearance and Weresquare appearance. Its pink appearance appears as a pink hairless square with a mouth and yellow eyes; the square has curved edges.

Its Weresquare appearance appears as a dark blue furry creature which has a mouth with four crooked teeth, and yellow eyes and four small teeth; it is slightly larger than its pink form.

Game information

The Weresquare was planned to appear in Square Meal 2. Its only behaviour is described in the Memory Lane post Square Meal 2's existence was revealed. The enemy at first would run away from the trolls, but then transform into a furry creature that would go after the trolls.

It would begin hunting the trolls down and chasing them. It is assumed that it could be knocked unconscious by a block then eaten normally, although it hasn't been revealed.


Weresquare - Horror skin

A Weresquare in the Horror skin

  • Unlike most characters in the Horror skin, the Weresquare was one of the few characters to appear in the skin, but was not a main character. It was believed at first to be a monster version of a troll, as most of the characters in the skin were.
  • The Weresquare is a reference to the mythical creatures Werewolves.


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