This article is about weights from Powerup. For weights from Mallet Mania, please see Weights (Mallet Mania).

Ability Holds down pieces
Game(s) Powerup

Weights are interactive objects that make their first and only appearance in level 26 of the game Powerup. As the help sign in the level describes, the blocks are labelled to weigh one ton. Like wooden blocks, they cannot be used to conduct the actual circuit between the transformers.


The weight is like a normal weight that is purple. The words "1 TON" can be seen on them.

Game information

The only real purpose for weights is to prevent unstable pieces from tipping, such as demonstrated in level 26. The player is given given long thin metal blocks, which they must place on top of each other over a gap of water. In this case, the weights can be used to prevent the lines from tipping over easily and so that they can complete the level using the pieces given.

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