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Ability Blocking blows from the flyswatter
Game(s) Pest Control

Webbing is an obstacle in the game Pest Control.


Webbing appears as a light-green spiderweb. In the jungle levels, webbing appears covering the whole screen, while on some desert levels, it also covers the whole screen of some levels, but there are open spaces for the player to swat any insects behind the webbing.

Game information

Webbing acts as an obstacle, preventing insects from being swatted by the player. There is only one level in Pest Control that implies the webbing as an obstacle, which is level 3.5 Flies and Web.

In this level, the player has to swat at least forty flies that appear flying in random places behind the webbing, having only 15 seconds to do it. Holes can be seen on the spiderweb, these holes being the places the flyswatter can swat.

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