Weapons are a mechanic introduced in Rust Bucket which allow the player to change their attack effectively. They are an inherent mechanic of levels 21-30 and can be found in Endless Mode in shops or inside chests. Each time the player dies, finishes a level or reaches a checkpoint, their weapon will be changed back to the default sword.


RustBucket shop

An example of a shop found in Endless Mode

Shops can be found once every four points the player reaches in Endless Mode. They will always be adjacent to the room the player is in, with some stealth ground as the entrance to prevent any enemy from following Rust Bucket inside. However, due to a glitch crabs are able to pass through the stealth door. Shops are composed of a 5x5 area with a carpet, a shopkeeper and three weapons the player can choose from. Each weapon costs a fixed amount of coins, ranging from 3 to 10 coins each.

RustBucket weapon sword item Sword


This section is about Swords from Rust Bucket. For Swords from other games, please see Swords.

RustBucket weapon sword
Price Free
Abilities None
Game Rust Bucket

The sword is the default weapon in the game. It works exactly like the player's attack in Turnament, allowing Rust Bucket to hit anything directly adjacent to them by moving towards it. It can be seen in the game's icon and art, although the sword doesn't show as golden but simply made out of iron.

RustBucket weapon axe item Battle axe

Battle axe
RustBucket weapon axe
Price 5 RustBucket nav coin coins
Abilities 1x3 area of attack
Game Rust Bucket

Battle axes[1] are first introduced in level 21, and have an area of attack of 1x3. They will damage/destroy every enemy or object in that zone, hitting all three spots at once. When the player has this weapon, they will attack whenever one of the three spots is occupied by something that can be attacked, even if the tile directly in front of Rust Bucket is free. This means that the player can attack even though they will instead move forward in a normal case. Green knights also can be killed with battle axe.

RustBucket weapon hammer item Warhammer

RustBucket weapon hammer
Price 10 RustBucket nav coin coins
Abilities Gives the ability to destroy statues
Game Rust Bucket

Warhammers[1] are first introduced in level 22, and have the same area of attack as the sword. They allow the player to attack enemies or objects normally in any direction. However, warhammers give Rust Bucket the ability to smash statues as if they were normal enemies, making statues extremely weak against the player as they can only crush them against walls and obstacles. Despite this ability, warhammers have the downside of being one of the only weapon with a durability. They can only be used ten times to destroy statues or rocks, after which they will break and be replaced by the default sword. They will only loose durability points when being used against statues, and not against any other enemy, making them very similar to the sword in normal cases. The number of uses left on the warhammer is displayed on the weapon display on the bottom left corner of the screen. Picking up a warhammer while already carrying one will reset the uses of the weapon back to ten.

RustBucket weapon bow item Bow

RustBucket weapon bow
Price 5 RustBucket nav coin coins
Abilities Gives the ability to attack from a distance
Game Rust Bucket

Bows[1] are first introduced in level 23, and are primarily used for long range combat. When using the bow, Rust Bucket can attack up to four tiles in front of them. It allows the player to attack over gaps, but not through walls or other obstacles. Only the closest target to the player will be damaged, and not the ones behind it. Much like with the battle axe, the player will shoot their bow each time there is an enemy or object which can be damaged in front of them, even if the tile directly adjacent to Rust Bucket is free to move into.

RustBucket weapon bomb bow item Bomb bow

Bomb bow
RustBucket weapon bomb bow
Price 10 RustBucket nav coin coins
Abilities Gives the ability to destroy statues from a distance
Game Rust Bucket

Bomb bows are a variation of the regular Bow. They combine the ability of the Bow and the Warhammer, allowing the player to destroy statues enemies and rocks four tiles away from them. It is used exactly like a regular Bow, and only attacks the closest enemy or obstacle. If this weapon is used against a statue enemy or a rock, it will trigger an explosion similar to the one of bombs, destroying everything in a one-tile square radius. Although this weapon can destroy stone crates with splash damage, it will not directly fire an explosive arrow when walking towards a crate. Similarly to the Warhammer, it has a limited usage of three shots, after which it will turn into a normal Bow. The bomb bow will only loose ammunitions when being used against statues or rocks, and picking one of them while already having a bomb bow will refill the weapon's durability.

RustBucket weapon spear item Spear

RustBucket weapon spear
Price 10 RustBucket nav coin coins
Abilities Gives the ability to attack from a short distance
Game Rust Bucket

Spears are first introduced in level 23, and allow the player to hit enemies farther. Rust Bucket can hit enemies from one tile away, working as a midway between the bow and the sword. Much like the bow, it can't hit enemies or objects through walls and can only hit the closest target to the player.

RustBucket weapon daggers item Daggers

RustBucket weapon daggers
Price 3 RustBucket nav coin coins
Abilities Gives the ability to attack from two directions at once
Game Rust Bucket

Daggers are first introduced in level 26, and allow the player to hit two spots at once, one in the direction Rust Bucket is swiping in, and the other behind their back. This allows to hit enemies or objects in both sides around the player at once. Contrary to other weapons with a larger attacking area such as battle axes or bows, Rust Bucket will only attack if the tile directly in front of them is occupied by something which can be attacked. If the tile in front of the player is empty, but the tile behind can be attacked, the character will simply walk forward, ignoring the enemy or object behind.

RustBucket weapon shield wood item RustBucket weapon shield metal item Shields

RustBucket weapon shield wood RustBucket wooden shield metal
Price 5 (Wooden), 10 (Metal) RustBucket nav coin coins
Abilities Acts as an obstacle to enemies
Game Rust Bucket

Shield are a defensive weapon which can only be found in Endless Mode. They will work in a similar way to keys, in the sense that they will always follow the player and act as an obstacle. Enemies cannot go through them and sees them as walls which can't be traversed. They will drop on the ground and go back to their item form if Rust Bucket is pushed by a statue or killed, forcing the player to pick them back up. Wooden shields, much like wooden keys, can be destroyed with fire or bombs, while metal shields are unbreakable.

Shields are the only weapon that do not appear in the weapon display, but rather following the player. They are also the only one green knights can use. If the player has a shield and switches positions with a green knight while having a shield, the green knight will take the shield. Shields can also cause several stalemate situations, especially with statue-enemies, because these enemies cannot crush the player equipped with shield. This will soft-lock the player, forcing them to restart the game.


  • Spoiler
    Although the capability to change weapons was introduced in Update 2, the ability to use different attacks was already part of Turnament, as the player was given the power to shoot blue fire orbs in the last level of the game. Much like the weapons in Rust Bucket, this new form of attack was also purchased from a dark hooded shopkeeper by spending some coins.
  • The swipe effect used by enemies when attacking the player, a villager or a green knight is different from all weapon effects. It is used by all enemies except for statues, brain monsters, squids, octopuses and demons. This effect has also different colors and lasts for two more frames than all weapon swipe effects.


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