Watering cans
Watering Cans
Ability Granting points to the player
Points 500
Game(s) Feed Me

Watering cans are pickups in the game Feed Me.


Watering cans are coloured gold and sparkle. They have a spout, handle and a cylindrical can shape.

Game information

Watering cans level select

Viewing the amount of watering cans collected in a level

Three watering cans appear in every level of Feed Me. They can optionally be picked up by touching them. Each can is worth five hundred points, awarded only if a player beats the level. Returning to a watering can that has already been collected in a level will appear as transparent, but collecting it again and beating the level will still award points.

Players can see how many watering cans they have collected in each level by going to the level select screen and selecting a level. The amount of watering cans they have collected for that level will be shown at the top of the game screen.

At the end of each level, points earned from watering cans earn the player a "Watering can bonus".


  • Watering cans act similar to the power cells from Toxic II, as both have a certain amount that can be found in each level and the player can view how many they have collected from the level select screen.
  • Nitrome Jingle

    The Nitrome jingle

    When this item is collected, the Nitrome jingle can be heard.

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