This article is about water from Office Trap. For water from other games, please see Water.


This article is about waterfalls from Office Trap. For waterfalls from Colour Blind, please see Waterfalls.

Waterfall traps
Water fall trap
Abilities Prevents an employee from jumping
Game(s) Office Trap

Waterfall traps are hazards in the game Office Trap. They do not appear in the game's prequel, Knight Trap.


An activated waterfall trap causes a partly transparent blue waterfall to fall. The waterfall has ripples of water going across it, which are light blue and blue in an alternating pattern. The water which hits the platform below it splashes in a white splash.

Game information

Waterfall traps are activated when an employee steps on a tile with the waterfall icon, which is three droplets. When activated, a projector will appear at the top of the trap and water will start to come down.

Once an employee is inside the waterfall, they can jump only once, this jump being lower than a usual jump. Once they get out of the water they can jump normally again. They first appear on level five.

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