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Water container
Water container  Water container droplet
The container (left) and droplet (right)
Ability Kills Dracula
Game(s) Turn-Undead

The water container is an interactive object encountered on level 24 of Turn-Undead.


The water container appears as square with glass in the middle that holds water behind it, this glass having a golden cross on it with a red circle in the middle and a nozzle at the bottom of the cross. Above the glass is a golden plaque with unreadable writing on it. The sides of most of the container are purple, though the bottom edges and bottom part of the container is gold.

The water container drops a water droplet. This droplet has a sphere like appearance and constantly has two smaller spheres travels on the sides of the droplet to a spot behind it, culminating here and causing a smaller sphere of water to go above the droplet and splash.

Game information

The water container is found only on level 24, the final level of the game, and is an integral as it necessary for killing Dracula. The water container is situated in the middle part of the middle most platform in the level, a path made below the container to allow for it to drop water droplets out of the platform.

The water container cannot is filled with water, which it drop every time the button placed directly below the container is pressed. Water droplets dropped abide by the turn based movement of the game, a water droplet dropped instantly when the button is pressed, not acting like the player's own stakes in that they take two turns to make their first move.

Water droplets have no effect on the player, hazards, or enemies, and will pass through them. Upon impacting a platform, water droplets will splash and disappear. Though they have no effect on any regular object, upon impacting Dracula, they will kill him.

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