This article is about water from The Bucket. For water from other games, please see Water.

Water clearly slowing down the bucket
Ability Slows the mystical flying fish's movement
Game(s) The Bucket

Water is an interactive object in The Bucket. It makes its first appearance on level four.


Water is a translucent sea-green with pale yellow stars within it. Water is always seen pouring down, like a waterfall. It looks more like patches, sometimes spanning the height of the screen. Other areas of water float in mid-air. Whenever the bucket enters water, the raccoon will close its eyes.

Game information

In the game, water slows down the movement of the bucket, which can make the raccoon slide out of the bucket.

When entering a patch of water with the mystical flying fish, a splash will be heard as the fish enters with the bucket. Due to the lagging of the bucket behind the fish, the raccoon can end up getting outside the bucket and stuck in the water. This can make water a potential hazard, especially when water is placed closed to hazards such as spike stars.

The significance of water's usage can be seen in level fourteen, where the player must navigate the mystical flying fish through vertically alternating patches of water adjacent to spike stars. The player has to time their movements correctly, as exiting out of the water too fast will cause the fish to swing the bucket into spike stars, where the raccoon will be knocked off and more easily lost.


If possible, the player should always choose the route that keeps the bucket out of the water, as the fish will be unaffected by water itself. The bucket moves most quickly travelling up rather than down, so when entering a long strip of water, the player should start from the bottom of the screen and work their way up in a diagonal-right direction. Exiting water should also be done with caution, as leaving too quickly can cause the bucket to swing once out of the water and allow it to hit hazards.

When the player reaches the very top of the screen in water and want to make their way back down, it should be done gradually, as the bucket is slow to follow the mystical fish's movements in water. The raccoon becomes difficult to retrieve in water if lost, so the player should make sure the raccoon always remains in the bucket, especially when travelling through large patches of water.


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