This article is about water from Powerup. For water from other games, please see Water.

Attack None
Damage Break circuits
Game(s) Powerup

Water is an obstacle in the game Powerup.


Water is a deep purple-blue colour, and appears with waves at the top. When another object contacts it, it will cause a splash. Inside the water is fish that appear to be orange with dark purple eyes.

Game information

It often appears between the two transformers before players begin to build their circuit. On some levels, it may be possible to see the depth of the water in the game. On the other hand, the water's actual depth may be unseen and any pieces that fall into it will be lost. When players start to build their circuit using the pieces provided, they have to be careful not to allow metal blocks or any other conductive pieces to touch the water.

If a piece ends up touching the water, the circuit is broken and will not transfer from one robot to the other. This warning is seen several times in the first few levels involving water. Players need to figure out how to build over their structure over the water and can often be done by using wooden blocks, if provided, to support the structure on top of the water.


  • Any fish present in the water will be electrocuted if a circuit is created in it.

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