This article is about water from Ice Breaker series. For water from other games, please see Water.

Water ice breaker
Attack Drowning Vikings
Damage Instant death
Game(s) Ice Breaker series

Water is a hazard that appears in all games of the Ice Breaker series.


Water appears as a dark blue translucent liquid at the bottom of the level with small waves the either curl or slope slightly appear on its surface and move towards the right. In Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, water still has the same appearance except having smaller waves and being a more transparent light blue or light green colour.

Game information

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Water appear in all levels of the Ice Breaker series at the bottom of the screen. If any object, save for floating ice and the Viking contained within it, falls into water, that object will begin to sink downwards and disappear off the screen. Because of this, if a Viking falls into the water the level will instantly be failed.


  • If a player attaches a non-frozen Viking to a hand rock, and lets them go in the water but not off the screen, they will still be alive. This means that the water itself is not fatal, but instead a hidden programmed "death line" that is in the water.

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